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Standout Women Academy is a personal branding and PR platform that teaches female experts to access the power of visibility and position themselves as thought leaders — so they can expand their reach, grow their businesses and impact more lives with their transformative work and ideas.

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We amplify the positioning and visibility of impact-driven female expert entrepreneurs so they're not just seen, but stand out as industry thought leaders.

Become more vocal, visible, and valued sharing your transformative work and ideas for greater impact, influence and income.
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Standout Women Academy teaches impact-driven female entrepreneurs to build their personal brands, visibility, and thought leadership to make a statement, make a profit and drive change.

We are a personal branding and PR training academy for visionary female consultants, coaches, authors, and speakers who want to enhance their presence, attract more clients, and increase their impact. 

Through our training, events, podcast, newsletter, and community, you can learn how to clarify your message, elevate your visibility, and become a recognized thought leader in your industry.

Standout Women, personal branding for women

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Connect with online events for impact-driven female entrepreneurs ready to get visible and build their personal brands.



Clarify your message, elevate your visibility, and become a recognized thought leader with our training and resources.



The Standout Women Show is the podcast to empowers and equips you to attract more visibility, clients, and impact.



Standout Women  connects you with personal branding and PR tips +  subscriber-only surprises for community members.

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We're the go-to personal branding and PR  education and training platform to launch female consultants, coaches, authors and speakers into visible authorities.

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As female expert entrepreneurs, we often face challenges with clarity, visibility and self-confidence in our identities and abilities. This self-doubt can lead us to undersell and undervalue ourselves, reducing our recognition and limiting our impact, influence, and potential earnings, despite our abilities and experience.

Standout Women Academy is here to shift this narrative. We empower you to confidently Own Your Lane™ by helping you discover your purpose, build your presence, and amplify your platform as a roadmap to success. By powerfully positioning yourself as a visible authority in your field, you accelerate your journey toward greater fulfillment, profitability, and impact in your business.

Standout Women, personal branding for women

the visibility roadmap for female expert entrepreneurs

Own Your Lane Book - November 19, 2024

Standout Women, personal branding for women

Own Your Lane

It's not just a book; it's a movement

 The step-by-step roadmap for female entrepreneurs to build personal brands, visibility and thought leadership to create impact and accelerate their businesses forward. The book guides you step-by-step to Own Your Lane with The Brand GPS™, the all-in-one-personal branding, personal marketing, and personal PR system.

So glad you're here...

Hi there, I'm Michelle, aka The Brand Therapist℠, a certified personal branding and PR visibility advisor, author, speaker and founder of Standout Women.

I know first-hand the challenges women face when they're SO ready for their next level but find themselves playing small, remaining silent, and staying stuck on the sidelines.

I'm here to change all that for you.

Nothing pains me more than seeing impact-driven women in business miss out on their potential and opportunities. That's why we're a movement to shape more visible women consultants, coaches, authors, and speakers into leading authorities in their fields.

Standout Women Academy equips you to grow your brand, visibility, and thought leadership to confidently ramp up your impact, influence, and businesses.

Together, we're turning visibility into action with profitable and impactful opportunities so we're not just seen but stand out in our fields.

Let's go there together,

Standout Women, personal branding for women
Michelle B Griffin, founder Standout Women

Our Core Values

  • Empowerment: We believe in teaching women to powerfully position and amplify themselves by embracing and standing out in their uniqueness.
  • Impact: We are committed to helping women make a positive change for themselves, their families, businesses, communities, and beyond.
  • Enjoyment: We embrace fun, laughter, and lightness, balancing work with carefree moments.
  • Collaboration: We avoid comparison and competition as we thrive in our unique lanes of brilliance.
  • Clarity: We see self-awareness as a superpower that ignites women to know and share who they are, not just what they do.
  • Visibility: We emphasize the importance of not just being seen, but standing out to seize opportunities create impact, and achieve success. Visibility and publicity are economic launching pads for women.
  • Authority: We emphasize the value of sharing knowledge to establish authority and cultivate more female thought leaders sharing their transformative work and ideas.
  • ProfitabilityWe champion abundance for women, affirming their worth and the compensation they truly deserve for their work and ideas.
  • Contribution: We believe in the power of giving our time, money, and knowledge to create positive change and leave a lasting impact in the world.

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how to get visible and put yourself out there

This audio masterclass, The 3 Steps to Stop Holding Back, Amplify Your Visibility and Own Your Lane of Authority, will help you overcome imposter syndrome, bet on yourself and put yourself out there to become seen, heard and recognized as a visible brand author + speaker authority for your expert business.

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Standout Women, personal branding for women